domingo, 2 de janeiro de 2011

First memories about scents...

I've got a few too. I remember this one very well because it was full of meaning for me. I was very little, between 2 and 3 years old and very restless, my father used to take me for a walk in the streets of São Paulo after dinner and make a "ronda" with his baby girl in a then very interesting part of the town. He used to talk about the sky and the winds explaining to me things that I didn't understand and I kept asking why? He had a friend who owned two drugstores in a Central Avenue, called São João. They used to have long talks and leave me playing with the counter girls who made me up and perfumed and gave me little samples. Once this friend gave me a perfume sample but it was all special, with a miniature bottle. I was in love with it at first sight. When I opened and smelled it, Oh! I was like floating on flower clouds. Completely intoxicated, I was enchanted with the gift, but I dropped it on the floor and it ran to the gutter in the street. Crash! Smell of lovely perfume coming mixed with the smell of street gutter... I was devastated! I cried so much that all the people in the street agreed to call the firebrigade to give me the crinkled bottle back. So they did (how different it would be today!). And there came the firemen and gave me the little pieces of glass and I stopped crying. Much later, when I was a teenager, I went to a birthday party and the girl got this bottle of perfume and gave me to smell and WHAT!!!!! That marvelous scent again invaded my mind, making me dizzy and fly over clouds of flowers. I read on the beautiful bottle: Fleur de Rocaille Caron Paris

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  1. Deixar o perfume cair = TAURINA!!!


    Adorei sua história!!!

  2. Não sabe como isso me abalou. Era tão pequenina e me lembro até hoje. Foi algo marcante, porque eu chorei tanto que no dia seguinte eu fiquei roxa!!!e só sarei daquela dor de remorso depois de muitos dias.