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Cambuquira is the town I live and it is right in the middle of the triangle formed between Belo Horizonte (capital of the state of Minas Gerais), Rio de Janeiro (capital of the state of Rio de Janeiro) and São Paulo (capital of the state of São Paulo).
It is very small, incrusted amidst many hills (you can see the tallest one, Peripau, at the back of the picture). There aren't many touristic attractions, but all the ones there are, are good value for a visit.
First of all it is a Portal for the Water Circuit of Southern Minas Gerais, where you can drink the best mineral waters of Brazil. There are many Spa towns near here. Lambari, Caxambu, São Lourenço, Poços de Caldas are the most famous, but the water of Cambuquira is reputed to be the best of them all and I won't deny, although I love all the others too.
In Cambuquira, the water come sparkling and bubbly from the fountain. And you can't stop drinking the waters because they are so light and fizzy and fresh and full of energy from the earth.
They are: Lythium water , Sulphurous, Magnesium, Iron and Carbogaseous alcaline, all of them sparkling. These are the fountains in the park, but there are 3 or 4 more in the outskirts.
The mountains surrounding the town lead to many beautiful places, where you can go from here.
To visit Cambuquira is not the most extraordinary trip, but the sky and the waters are best quality, the air is very clean, wherever you go you feel at home and the sunsets are spectacular.
Come and try.

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