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SPA e Hidroterapia, por Jeanne Rose

SPA & Hydrotherapy
by Jeanne Rose
BATHS - See individual listings for different baths and therapies.
Showers are to clean the body while baths are to heal the mind and body and used
ritually to cleanse the spirit. Hydrotherapy has been a system of therapeutic
bathing rituals or various therapeutic baths to aid in the healing of various
systems of the body. It has been prescribed since before the Roman baths with
their distinct and separate rooms of various temperature baths.

However, full body immersion is the key to cleansing the body of illness and
with modern baths where only the lower part of the body is fully immersed this
does not lend itself to a healing experience. I n a modern bath, one must lay
down flat on your back in the tub with the legs up and out in order to get the
proper healing effects. Worried about your hair? Wear a shower cap.

In a bath/hydrotherapy treatment, it is important to use three baths per week of
20-30 minutes each. The temperature of the water is not important. Start with
warm baths, add Seaweeds, Moor mud, various types of salts, herbs and/or

A simple bath is the infused herbs of any fresh ones that you have available
with 10 drops complimentary essential oils. i.e. Citrus peels infusion plus
citrus and Patchouli [1 drop each Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange, 3 of Neroli + 4
drops Patchouli].

For example, for hypertension, shower and clean first, then fill the tub and use
body temperature water, add 1 cup of Melissa hydrosol, add the appropriate
essential oils, soak for 20 minutes, wrap in a large towel, drink a cup of your
Hypertension Tea Blend and go to bed. Melissa is the most useful, but Lavender
or Rose Geranium hydrosols can also be used. Don't have hydrosols? Use herbal
infusions of the herbs mentioned. Our aromatherapy kits for hypertension and
Women's Care are also very helpful.

Balneotherapy is the treatment of disease by bathing, especially in mineral
springs. (The use of the minerals in hot springs for therapeutic bathing).
Balneotherapy (spa therapy) is the act of bathing in thermal or mineral waters
at temperatures of about 34 C. The hydrostatic force of the water is thought to
bring about pain relief, which may result from taking stress off the affected
joint, relaxation or other factors. It is most commonly recommended for patients
with psoriasis or rheumatoid arthritis.

The hot springs gradually increases the temperature of the body, which helps to
kill harmful germs and viruses. Bathing in mineral springs increases static
water pressure on the body, which increases blood circulation and oxygenation of
the cell. This increase in blood flow also helps to dissolve and eliminate
`toxins' from the body. Mineral and Hot springs bathing increases the flow of
oxygen-rich blood throughout the body, improving hydration and nourishment to
vital organs and tissues.

Bathing in thermal water increases body metabolism, including stimulating the
secretions of the intestinal tract and the liver, aiding digestion. Repeated hot
springs bathing (especially over 3- to 4- week period) can help normalize the
functions of the endocrine glands as well as the functioning of the body's
autonomic nervous system. Trace amounts of minerals such as carbon dioxide,
sulfur, calcium, magnesium, and lithium are absorbed by the body and provide
healing effects to various body organs and system. These healing effects can
include stimulation of the immune system, leading to enhanced immunity; physical
and mental relaxation; the production of endorphins; and normalized gland
function. Mineral springs contain high amounts of negative ions, which can help
promote feelings of physical and psychological well-being.

The direct application of mineralized thermal waters (especially those
containing sulfur) can have a therapeutic effect on diseases of the skin,
including psoriasis, dermatitis, and fungal infections. Some mineral waters are
also used to help the healing of wounds and other skin injuries.

Indications for Balneotherapy are the chronic diseases such as: Chronic
rheumatic diseases, Metabolic diseases, especially diabetes, obesity, and gout,
chronic gastrointestinal or respiratory diseases, circulatory diseases,
especially moderate or mild hypertension, chronic skin diseases, psychosomatic
and stress-related diseases, autonomic nervous system dysfunction, vibration
disorder (a middle ear disorder affecting balance), chronic gynecological
diseases and other ailments.

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